Moving Office? – 5 Tips To Ensure A Smooth Move

February 12th, 2020 by

Moving office might seem similar to moving to a new house in principle but while they share similarities, they are very different jobs. An office might seem like your home away from home but it’s not a house, is it?

Plenty of businesses will have moved offices at some point after all most business hope to grow and develop, don’t they? So, moving offices is going to be a natural stepping stone in your business’s development at some point.

But it’s easy for office moves to go wrong and no one wants to start life in their new office by having to buy a lot of new equipment that went missing or got damaged during the move, do they? And that is just one example of things that can go wrong. So, to ensure your office move is a success make sure you follow the 5 tips laid out below.

Plan Ahead 

Moving to a new office is a long process it’s not something you can really get done in a couple of weeks. While it might be a long process there is some good news because it allows you to plan ahead and get things in order.

A week or two before the move you should get to work downsizing your office and create a checklist of everything that needs to be done. You can also get all your employees together to help with the move as well. At the very least you can put them in charge of moving the belongings from their desks/ cubicles.

Use A Clearance Company 

Like I mentioned earlier one of the best ways to ensure your office move is a success is to downsize in the days before the move. Even with a small office, this can be quite hard work which is why using an office clearance company like us can be such a big help!

We’ll be able to remove all the old stuff you don’t need moving to your new site for you! This includes equipment, stationary and leftover junk that has piled up. This will leave you with just the essential equipment you actually need to move to your new site. We can take care of all the prep work for you which will make the actual move much easier and stress-free.

Update To Your New Address 

Updating to your new address is something you should do in advance! As soon as you have access to your new office you should ensure all your suppliers know your new address. Yes, you won’t likely be able to move in right away but updating your address quickly will help ensure you don’t end up with orders being made to your old office after you’ve moved.

Updating to your new address as quickly as possible will help ensure a smoother transition to your new office. You should also ensure all your customers know about your move as well so ensure everyone is kept up to date.

Research Moving Companies

Choosing a moving company for your office move is not something you can do on a whim. You’ll want to ensure you are hiring a professional mover who can do the job quickly and safely and remember to book in advance as well. If you use a professional clearance company though you will have less to actually move to your new office which will make the process easier.

Take Things Slow 

Our last tip is a mistake many people make when it comes to moving office. Don’t try to rush things instead take things slow to ensure the moving process is smooth and safe. Yes, most people will want to get set up in their new office straight away but by rushing, you will likely make mistakes.

Things could easily end up missing in transit, suppliers could still deliver to your old address and things will just generally feel quite chaotic. So, take things slow and don’t try to rush this way you can better ensure your office move is a success.

So, that is our 5 tips for moving to a new office. By following them you can better ensure your office move a stress free endeavour. And remember once the move is done take things slow for a few days and don’t be afraid to celebrate.