Why is Post COVID-19 Lockdown Office Clearance Important

May 9th, 2020 by
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Why is Post COVID-19 Lockdown Office Clearance Important

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed unprecedented challenges and safety measurements on all of us. In order to minimise the possibility of dispersing virus, most office workers have turned to work from home. However, the government restriction will start to ease up and workers will be required to go back to the offices in the near future.  Post lockdown office clearance will be vital for every office and here is a list of reasons why.

People feel unsafe about going back to work

Anxiety is on the rise due to the pandemic. Even though measurements such as social distancing are in place, people are still understandably fearful of going into public spaces. Keeping businesses closed across the country is a decision based on the advice of scientists and health professionals. But people’s reluctance to go back to the office is not likely going to away once the lockdown has been lifted. Over 50% of the UK public claimed to have reservation about going to work because workplaces are hotspots for spreading viruses. Every season, a bug will start with one person and gets passed on to the colleagues. 

The office is a centralised spot in which virus can be easily spread

Even if a single surface is compromised, a virus can infect the majority of a workplace in a matter of hours. Offices have always been prime sites for the spread of viruses and bacteria. Krissi Hewitt, the director of institutional research and strategic initiatives at North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics said, ‘people spend a large amount of their daily life in the confines of the office where shared spaces and high interaction with shared surfaces increases the number of microbes on surfaces and in the air’. Commonly shared areas in your office, such as doors, drawers and refrigerators, could be become the high risks of contamination for your workers. Office clearance is, therefore, highly important for minimising the risk of have the COVID-19 virus spreading around your office.

Office clearance is a way of ensuring the safety of your workers

Cleaning offices has become an important factor in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Keeping offices closed is a drastic measurement taken to slow the spread of the virus, but it also caused a lot of economic damage. You will need your workers back in the office one day, but you would meet with resistance as a result of their primary concern for safety. Tom Golisano, the chairman of Paychex Inc. even infamously stated, ‘the damages of keeping the economy closed as it is could be worse than losing a few more people’. If you want to boost the morale of your employees and let them understand that you do prioritise their health and safety, having an office clearance could be a way of showing your care and encouraging them to come back to the office.

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